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Lansing, MI

2005 Camry LE Wheel/Steering issue

I had a deer strike which resulted in flat spots on all four tires. The insurance company has paid me for new tires, but I have a question before I buy tires.

Since the deer strike, the vehicle seems to have lost low speed power steering. Well, the PS is not gone, but the vehicle can be hard to turn, especially when it is cold out. It is cold most of the time now, but the vehicle does seem to steer easier once things warm up.

The question becomes: is the steering issue linked to the flat spots?

The power steering fluid is at the MIN level. The reserve tank is on the deer strike side fender, but the fender inner was not damaged. The lines to the reserve tank has evidence of seepage, but not leakage. Meaning the lines have oil on them which has collected debris, but is not wet.
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Cho Baka
If you feel there is a possible link, ask your insurance company for an inspection.
I would suggest the dealer, as they are going to be familiar with what is a normal level of assist for that model.
Leave it overnight so that they can experience the concern. Having them check it hot if the problem is not present hot will not be beneficial.

Here is a list of confirmation points:
1. Tires (Improperly inflated/wrong size)
2. Power steering fluid level (Low)
3. Drive belt (Loose)
4. Front wheel alignment (Incorrect)
5. Steering system joints (Worn)
6. Suspension arm ball joints (Worn)
7. Steering column (Binding)
8. Power steering vane pump
9. Power steering gear
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