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Are correctables a problem?

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signal levels
Every time the page is reloaded, they rise another 10,000.


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A few hours later (~3GB transferred).

Louisville, KY

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Hi, I work for Insight Communications in the technical support center. I have read your post and would like to help; however, because you are an anonymous user I am unable to private message you. If you would like help with your issue please send us a message or you can contact us through your local office or enter our online chat at: »helpchat.insightbb.com/netagent/ ··· ion=1000. We are very sorry that you are experiencing problems with your service and look forward to hearing from you.


Insight Broadband Technical Support


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Correctables themselves aren't a problem but they are indicative of a problem such as the super high power levels you have. 20dBmV is crazy high! If mine goes above 10 I generally start calling people. LOL

The standard range is -15 to +15 and you are already at 20 so as the tech says, get someone out there to fix that sucker (even though you apparently aren't having trouble with it). When the summer comes it will only get worse.


Fremont, NE
·Time Warner Cable
In this case the errors themselves aren't the issue, but are a symptom of a signal issue. Your power levels on downstream and upstream are way off, your receive is 20 and your transmit is 30 and your SNR is a bit low at 34dB. You should been within -10 to 10 on the downstream and ~39-49 on the upstream. SNR 36-41dB(typical seen) I'd say get a tech asap!


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I agree with with the above replies Codeword errors are either correctable or uncorrectable bytes that assist with error correction in RF transmissions. FEC (Forward Error Correction) works well with short pulses and noises that are normally picked up in coax transmissions since traffic is normally fragmented and send it bursts. Longer interruptions however are much more difficult to fight against and are normally the causes for data loss and connectivity issues. As everyone has said before, the correctable are ok but the volume in which they are incrementing and the combination of the high RX levels could indicate an underlying issues that hasn't fully reared its head yet. Good luck


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Seems to be stable now, no drop outs.