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Re: [IA] Mediacom Installer damages personal property

The fact that he didn't tell you he damaged something speaks volumes about the type of tech he is. Deal with Mediacom directly. The proper procedure is to inform the customer and then his supervisor. I try my best not to damage someone's property and so far I did a pretty good job. I only damaged something once and the first person I told was the customer.

Mediacom is usually pretty good when it comes to taking care of stuff like this as long as you deal with the right people.

PS Also I only used customer's bathroom once. To wash my hands. There are gas stations all around so there is no reason to do #2 in someone's house. It however made me LOL.
I speak for myself, not my employer.


Thanks for your response guys. I finally got a resolution.
Calling Mediacom numerous times and finally coming to my wits end....and telling them if I don't have resolution I TODAY I will take legal action.
Seems the tech was a contractor and did NOT tell management what he had did. From my understanding he has been let go.
The contractor offered my daughter $100 for a broken solid wood desk and she was asking for $200.00 I had to write this contractor and after doing so got resolution. The desk can not be purchased for $200 and I told my daughter she needed to ask for more as now all she is going to get is a bush or sauder desk. I asked Mediacom to give her some free cable or upgrade her slow internet speeds for free for a length of time but it seems they will not do that.

The desk was a family heirloom and made of solid wood construction. The one I found that was comparable was $599.00
Needless to say I am not to happy he broke my desk that I passed on to my daughter and then my daughter only requested $200.

Thanks however for your feedback. I do feel Mediacom should show a gesture of kindness her way and give her a service upgrade for free for a length of time to cover her loss.