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reply to resa1983

Re: Teksavvy Voltage motion - Looking for some advice

said by resa1983:

The difference is that with 1, you have the option of getting yourself a lawyer first to fight the court order that would reveal your information. With the 2nd, I don't believe you get time to find a lawyer and fight the court order before your information has to be legally handed over under penalty from the courts.

What I am saying is that notifying its customer or not makes no difference on Teksavvy's stance on protecting its customers' privacy. At the end, Teksavvy will happily hand over its customers' private information. Teksavvy does not give a sh*t about protecting its customers' privacy.

said by resa1983:

The 'private' information that Voltage wants, is essentially, your billing information (minus your actual credit card numbers, etc) which TSI needs to keep on file as long as you're a customer.. They need to know name, address, phone numbers, etc. ie, Contact info & address of service.

I think the only thing they keep 90 days, is the IP address history. I'm sorry, unlike some others, I do believe child porn investigations are a good reason to keep IP history for 90 days. That kind of scum deserve to be locked in a hole.

But the 90 days is also for billing discrepancies to be dealt with, as well as dealing with those DMC charges Bell doesn't bother charging TSI immediately for, and sometimes bills DMC charges for no actual rollout. Those need to be fought, and they need to have supporting info.

I consider the linking between IP address and my personal identification as my private information. It tells where i go in the internet. That is what happens in the Voltage's troll. I don't mean I will do bad thing in the internet. It is just that I want to browse the web freely without being tracked by some unknown third party. So, Please don't tell me something like "if you do nothing wrong, you don't have to be scared". If you do believe "if you do nothing wrong, you don't have to be scared", I will take a camera and follow you all around and tell you " if you do nothing wrong, you don't have to be scared".

I don't think child porn investigation is a good reason to keep a 90 days log. A 2 days log can help child porn investigation as well. Child porn investigation is important. Protecting people's privacy is also important. I don't see how child porn investigation over rules privacy protection.

If Teksavvy has a business need to keep 90 days log. I have no problem with that as long as Teksavvy guards this log of private information as hard as it can. But, Notifying its customers by saying "We will hand over your private information. Sorry, you are on your own" is not a good way of showing how much Teksavvy values their customers' privacy. It just simply shows Teksavvy does not care about its customers' privacy at all.