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Re: [TWC] TW Internet Ultra 50/5mbit getting only 1mb/sec Usenet

Yep, i tried several different articles ranging from 1 to 200 days old, same problem. Also just past 11pm the speed shot up to the full 6MBps I should have been getting. There is definitely traffic shaping happening during peak hours....maybe on certain nodes only since not everyone is seeing this.

said by Suit Up:

said by SoCal92128 :

How else do you explain the piss poor usenet speeds then if its not packet shaping? I'm pulling in 50M for downloading BSD cd images for example but both astraweb and giganews are hovering around the 1.5Mbps range.

See my first post in this thread. Have you verified it's not that? So far nobody has confirmed that the file is 100% propagated and still downloading slowly. And the fact that there are also reports of it happening with other ISPs at the same time discounts the likelihood that it's TWC specifically doing traffic shaping.

Rockaway Park, NY
more like you have overcongested node at peak times, its also possible the route on tw network is congested at peak times, this is way more likely than actual packet shaping...

Have you actually ran the test yet: » ··· test.php