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Premium,ExMod 2000-03
NW Illinois

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[FP] I want to be an FP OP! What do I do?

Well, just click here and find out!!!

»[FP-Ops] So, You Want to be an OP?

Crunch Addict
Harrison Township, MI

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Hey there, can you spare a few kilowatts and a bit of bandwidth for a good cause?

This team has a dedicated group of folks that decided long ago to pool it's resources to own and operate additional machines that crunch under the team banner.

For this to work, there needs to be people willing to care for an extra computer (or more) as if it was their own. These good folks get the gratitude of the rest of this team in exchange for agreeing to take in new or orphaned computers dedicated to FAH.

So, are you or someone you know willing and able to offer assistance?

If so, look here: »[FP-Ops] So, You Want to be an OP? to see more about it.
Hello, my name is Bill and I'm a crunchaholic...

Proud to be hosting six Crunchenstein blades, and three Foldinator blades