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Ballwin, MO

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Existing Uverse wiring for OTA TV

The previous owner of the house I moved to had a nice ATT Uverse setup. Coaxials running to each room delivery TV or internet etc. We originally signed up for Uverse, but have found it to just be way out of our price range. I want to install an OTA antenna in the attic for TV and then have a less expensive cable company provide internet.

My question is essentially if and how to use the existing Uverse coaxial wiring to deliver OTA TV and, if possible cable internet. Is it just a matter of finding where ATT has their service coming into the house a splicing a new cable up to the attic? Will the cable company installer be able to also utilize the wiring?


Union City, GA
You want to have your OTA lines and your cable modem line on separate lines all together. If you cross connect those lines your cable modem will pick up all sorts of interference and your modem will loose sync all the time. Also make sure the line for the cable modem doesn't run through the attic. Although coax cable has shielding, when it is that close to an antenna it doesn't matter how much shielding you have there will be a lot of interference.

End of line

Powder Springs, GA
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This isn't hard at all.

Mount the antenna at your desired location, pref as close to existing house coax taps as possible. Coax run from antenna connector to incoming house line taps. Tweak antenna settings for your pic & your done.

Cable modem should not be on same house run as antenna, that should always be dedicated.