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Re: Sony patents way to block used games

So instead of making it so you can't play used game discs, maybe in the near future they'll make it so games are download-only, or maybe bought at a discount if downloaded and then you can't resell them anyway.

One idea on disk based games. You have to enter the code on the disk jacket to play the game. If the code has been used, then you can purchase a new code for 5, 10 bucks [what ever the publisher sets as the price]. Then you get a new code.
So if you buy a collectors edition of the game from a used store, you can get a news code that will unlock all the features that came with that game when it was brand new.
But that was an idea I read about awhile ago. If I recall, EA required me to log into my EA account when I played Mass Effect 3 on my PS3. Supposedly so i can track my progress against others, and what not. But I could see that log in being used to check and see if the disk was new or used.
And it wouldn't surprise me if EA was the first one to do that. Offer new keys for used games.
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