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La Mesa, CA

[CA] La Mesa area high packet loss, intermittent slow speeds

Hi there. I am on Cox Premier in the La Mesa area (91942). I am having some high packet loss problems. See this smokeping test result:»/r3/sm ··· b05e5657

Here are my modem parameters:
Signal to Noise Ratio 37 dB 36 dB 37 dB 36 dB
Power Level
The Downstream Power
0 dBmV -2 dBmV -3 dBmV -4 dBmV

Upstream power: Power Level 47 dBmV

I am running a Motorola 6120 that supports only 1 upstream bond and 4 downstream bonds. I have 4 bonded downstream, 1 up.

Cox techs: can you please take a look? email me for my MAC please.

Many thanks


San Diego, CA
Hi Audiorecon,

I am having someone take a look at this and will have them contact you shortly to get you taken care of.


La Mesa, CA
I wanted to give an update. A Cox Tech came by and put a filter on my TV. My TV was giving off some noise and that cleaned up the signal inside my house. I was skeptical the filter would do anything and sure enough I am still having problems.

A nice Cox Sr. Tech called me (Izzy). We did some checks and he determined that it is probably a problem with my house in particular or the drop to my house. He said he is seeing a variance on my uplink power which may be my modem.

I had already purchased a new modem (SB6141) to get more bonded channels. That was installed and still no change (also still no additional bonded channels (still am getting 4down, 1 up)).

So in short, still having intermittent packet loss. see here:
»/r3/sm ··· b05e5657