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reply to aks_canada

Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by aks_canada:


Why wait until Jan 14? Teksavvy has already stated many times what their position is in this matter. Your threats are meaningless. Vote with your actual call to cancel service.

And please let me know which ISP you have moved to that, in writing, will act as you see fit. They will either disobey a court order, or, spend money on lawyers to defend your rights. How much money do they need to spend before you will be satisfied? Do their officers need to risk their personal finances/freedom to protect your rights? How much money have you personally contributed to help them fight?

How far do they need to go? Provincial Court? Supreme Court?

What ISP promises that they will not give up any IP address until it’s a Supreme Court case? If the Supreme Court orders the release of IP’s, should they release them? I’d love to know of an ISP who will commit business suicide on my behalf.

lets see
30 minutes of lawyer time to quite easily point out that there motion to have said information is in an incorrect filing as the mere fact is no one can possible tell me or you that a commercial infringment has happened. GO away refile for non commercial and we'll see again if we wish to comply.
THEN to enjoy there selves better they go make logs 1 week from then on.....