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Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by Tx:

An added note. It's not the DOWNLOADING as you say "License to steal" though it's NOT theft. It's the distribution of the content. Uploading it after.

You're allowed to so far in Canada download the content. So before you go calling people a burglar lol, please understand the differences and what the current law so far states.

you dont even get how its done or are trying to reword it
commerical infringment is making a profit or money off somehting you have counterfeited or copied and sold to another.
NON COMMERCIAL is the above when your not selling or for personal use.

any one can tell you that.
and thats even how the rcmp worded it carefully

no one is using a word distribution cause to get a file you have to give back one thats how it works thus your not burdening everyone by take take take its a real sharing thing.IF your the first uploader well then you may have issues that person is the one costing sales supposedly but are they , this then gets into some stuff like im poor on welfare or disability and i hav eno cash to buy so if i do get stuff there is no lost sale. and i never sold it to anyone else and thus ....

this whole thing to me is you fight one battle at a time.
THE easiest one here to win is the fact that knowing there was a new law they went ahead and mis filed this civil lawsuit.

NOW you really get lots a time to prepare dont ya .....and as others have said there are cases where a john doe goes to trial without need of the plaintiff knowing whom he/she is
you really have to ask if i handed you what looks like a screen shot of a torrent client with lists of teksavvy ips in it can you honeslty with no reaosnable doubt prove they profited off your stuff?
my opinion and im not a lawyer is NO YOU CANT.