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Keene, NH
reply to motorola870

Re: some weird things happening on extreme in Dallas!

said by motorola870:

I wonder if this is just a fluke because I have gone to several sites besides the ones I listed and sometimes I hit 35Mbps while others I get 25Mbps and sometimes 31Mbps or so which is what I am supposed to be getting. Oh and the austin speedtest site has given me a few 40Mbps test results along with some high 30Mbps range tests. ????

edit: seems to have gone back to 30/5. I guess it was a fluke

I've had that happen a few times here, where I'll be able to hit 50mbit for a while, or upload at 6-8mbit for short periods of time, I've basically written it off as a glitch, as it usually goes away within a few hours. It also tends to happen late at night here most of the time, when it does happen.