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Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by Tx:

said by AkFubar:

IMO the benefits of staying with TSI far out weight those for leaving. Always had good service, the price is right and I'm good with TSI's stance on net neutrality and fairness to customers. Really don't think there would be many if any alternatives out there. Under the same or similar circumstances any Canadian ISP would do pretty much exactly the same as TSI.

What benefits? Bandwidth? lol... You know why TSI was a target right? Any billy joe bob knows TSi stood up for it's customers rights for a fair internet back in the day and fought to keep "unlimited" a reality, but really... is unlimited needed?

That question is a tough one. For me our house uses netflix a lot. For $8 a month, we push bandwidth to it's limits and still come under a cap.

Not saying caps are right, because their not, considering what bandwidth really costs them, it's chump change.

That said, Teksavvy put a target on their foreheads long ago fighting for customers rights to download/upload (aka bandwidth) and now when things get tough, where is this fight?

There is a reason TSI was target #1. Rogers has a much higher customer base... why not them?, why not bell? Why not Telus? You're pretty well known for being very biased towards Teksavvy, so your opinion isn't really an opinion when it's not objective or subjective to certain criteria, such as right to being fairly treated.

Handing my IP over is copping out and leaving me to the wolves. To fend for myself. Now where most naive people seem to get lost in themselves is "Don't do anything illegal and you're fine". Furthest thing from the truth.

1. Teksavvy screws up the process of who to contact based on IPs handed over. 42 people for example
2. IP is spoofed. Far more common then anyone knows and you'll never know unless you become falsely accused, but hey... keep it legal.
3. Wifi is being hacked/shared by an neighbor and while he/she is laughing while downloading the next twilight you're on the hook because companies like Voltage don't care who in the house, just that it's that account holder.

I'm not a gambler so playing with those odds are not for me. I don't want to be brought up on possible charges based on something as silly as being one of the next 42 mistakenly notified but missed next time.

Why is the burden up to me, to defend myself? I've kept it legal. I'm a legit guy. I like supporting things i like. Thus i've supported TSI but not this decision. People are so ignorant to the simplicity of sharing a connection that because it hasn't happened to them, it never will.

It's as naive as saying i've never been mugged on the streets before, so i don't mind going out at 1am anyway. Until it happens a new perspective arises. Problem is why are people waiting until it happens to then bitch and moan?

Biggest problem with this country when it comes to our prices (retail, internet, cable, telephone, cell) is we wait just accept it rather then question it.

Hey it's cool though, it hasn't happened to bob. probably never will...

ya know back in "the day" there was actually stuff people wanted to download...

if you gave me a free apss to pick any 3 tv shows and 3 movies a month free a charge...i think i'd have a hard time now a days.
IT really is crap and its cause lawyers are running it all. LOL MAKES ME LAUGH...what happens when they cant do these suits no more and have to GET CREATING....well lawyers dont make good art do they...