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reply to resa1983

Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by resa1983:

said by Dr Facts :

c) is an intriguing idea but I doubt Voltage would go for it. After all if it gets to a judge I imagine it would go like this (and as always, not a law talking guy here):

Voltage: That guy downloaded our movie! This destroyed our production company... SHUT UP LAUGHING THEY WERE GOOD MOVIES! Anyway we want $10,000.

John D'oh: No I didn't, I never heard of this movie until this case.

Voltage: Well this other company bought this software that they showed us says you did.

John D'oh: Oh. Well I can't help that, I didn't. And how many false-positives does that software produce anyway?

So at that point Voltage would need more, like John's hard drive with the movie on it (or a whole bunch of other copied movies in the same genre) or TSI handing over John's complete internet history including him going to bittorrent sites or someone saying they say John watching the movie or perhaps a post on a forum from John saying that he saw the movie he never heard of an damn did it suck!

Can Voltage get any of that stuff without some major court orders?

TSI doesn't have a customer's internet history. They don't do DPI. They have total amounts downloaded & uploaded per month, and thats it.

What Voltage could do however, is do depositions, and forensic analysis of your computer..

However, after years of this racket in the US, they've only STARTED doing depositions within the last few months ("We're trying to find the downloader."), and they haven't done forensic analysis of systems, even if you say you're innocent & offer to hand your system over to them.

ooops sorry that computer died and i beat it with a sledge hammer last week.....got this new shiney one here

oh and this hacker told me to run this program cleans up stuff on my pc ...nice kid turns out it also gave me a back door virus awful stuff those are. doing all kinds a weird stuff .....