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reply to Dr Facts

Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by Dr Facts :

>TSI doesn't have a customer's internet history.

Ah, well that's one avenue closed.

Not sure how I feel about that, I dig privacy and all that but when the cops come with a child porn case and a court order I'd like to think that an ISP can help. Tricky line there.

>forensic analysis of your computer.

And if they don't find it then what? They can say you deleted it with some super military grade disc-wipe utility.

And John could say it was never there.

And I suspect the balance of probability between the two still wouldn't be enough to convince a judge to the tune of $10,000.

> even if you say you're innocent & offer to hand your system over to them.

Which I would cheerfully do and fill the hard drive beforehand with all the negative reviews of Voltage "films".

no proof you have said file
well possessin is 9 tenths of the law....
i know you stole my hammer dammit just caus eyou got no hammers anywhere i know you stole it though....
see this guy had a computer program that saw you do it...says so right here , what ya mean its not a video of him doing it....it jsut says man at this house took my hammer.
ya that will fly as far as a turd as in case dissmissed

i can fake that data pretty darn good being into 3d special affects and video creation myself.
i could even given a lil time make a video of you that would look pretty darn damning till it got real well looked at.