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Madison, WI
reply to demogr

Re: [CATV] [MadisonWI] missing channel on Tivo, ok on TV

Yep, my WKOW channels are back too!


Mine are still missing.

Here is the history of what happened:
This started after an automatic software update to the TiVo Premieres that occurred on or around December 5, 2012. When I talked to Charter in Madison, WI, they said it was a TiVo problem and that a bunch of people in the Madison WI and Fitchburg WI service area were having. It does not affect any earlier versions of TiVo. We have an earlier TiVo and it has not been affected at all.

I live-chatted with TiVo support on December 11. The rep said it was because the SNR was not in the range of 30-35 dB and that I had to tell Charter to fix it.

I called Charter again and they said it was not due to their signal and it was a TiVo problem. They sent a tech out (I insisted) and they confirmed that everything was OK.

I called TiVo support back and the second rep insisted that the SNR had to be in the range of 29-35 db. Note: if you don't know what this means, see
(under Checking Signal Quality and expand Show the Steps and scroll to Step 6.)

So, I got an attenuator and got the signal down to 35 dB. Still no channels 607, 996, and 997. If I took the SNR down to 33 dB, then the primary signal strength was too low and I didn't see anything on any channel. (For what this refers to, go to the link above, go to Lock and Signal Strength and expand Show the Steps under "You can use the box Diagnostics screen to find more detailed information about the signal on a specific channel" then go to Step 6.)

So, with the still missing channels 607, 996 and 997 (WKOW-TV) but the signal strength and SNR in the approved range, I once again called TiVo support. After much troubleshooting with a third rep, not only did they conclude that my TiVo must be at fault, but then revealed to me that there were indeed other reports of this very phenomenon (which the first TiVo rep had claimed was impossible).

I'm supposed to be waiting for them to contact me about how this is going to be fixed. Rolling back the software patch is not, apparently, an option.


Mine just came back last night! Yay! I sure wish somebody could tell us what the problem was and how it was fixed.