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[Speed] Pleasanton, CA > What speed for $49.95/mo?

Hi. I recently learned (thanks to some on this forum) how to look at various configuration parameters on my cable modem. I'm configured for 16.5M down / 2.2 up, with some "PowerBurst" parameters in there allowing for faster speeds on the first 10 / 5 MB, respectively. This generally matches up with our speedtest numbers where I get 25 down (powerburst) and 2.2 up (don't know why there isn't a powerburst here)

When I try to match this configuration with the speeds Comcast offers, it doesn't seem to line up. This could be the difference between marketing and reality, or it could be that I need to request a different config. According to their website, the $49.95 price point should be getting 20 / 4 in our area. Is it that the powerburst allows them to advertise 20 / 4 even though config says 16.5 / 2.2? Or should it be 20 / 4 with powerburst on top of that?

In general, I'm happy with our service, but I don't like the idea that I'm not getting what is being advertised. Should I request a different config? If so, can you tell me specifically which config I should be requesting. My previous interactions with support suggest that I'll need to be specific with them.



Stuarts Draft, VA
Looks like you're on 16/2 before PowerBoost, which in some areas is still considered Blast. Comcast may list it as 16/2 or 20/2 or 20/4. It's not unheard of to not have PowerBoost on the upstream side.

You're getting what's advertised I'm sure. Comcast just likes to change their speed wording which makes things confusing at times.

You cannot simply request a different config file. Config files match up with the speed package you are paying for.

If you do not have a D3 modem, you should get one as it may be able to squeeze a bit more speed out of your connection.

The wings of love
Union, NJ
reply to dbitting
What does this tool show ?;

»www.cc.gatech.edu/~partha/diffpr ··· obe.html

Post the results.


Pleasanton, CA
I'm in Pleasanton CA.

Performance plus is 15/2.2 (turbos to 25/4) (d11_silver

Blast is 25/4 (turbos to 35/6) (d11_speedtierextreme

This is pretty standard. We aren't behind anyone except some people in the North East, but so is everyone else.


said by JigglyWiggly:

Performance plus is 15/2.2 (turbos to 25/4) (d11_silver

No such thing as Performance Plus. In CA there's Performance(15/2)

If you're bundled with another product then the $49.95 price point is correct for Performance. If you're NOT bundled with another product and you're internet only, I'd remain quiet because the $49.95 everyday price point is for Performance Starter(merger concession), 6/1.

So either, you've got the right bootfile and you're paying the right price or you've got the wrong bootfile and you're underpaying.


Pleasanton, CA
Yeah I meant performance, not performance plus.


reply to yupyup
Thanks, all. I appreciate the information!