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Wentzville, MO

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reply to 88615298

Re: Any new channels lately?

said by 88615298:

By 1080 I assume you mean 1080p. First thy cant do that on locals since locals don't do 1080p. As far as the others as well they would have to get rid of half their channel line-up to get 1080p on the rest.

NO, I wish people would stop this "1080p bandwidth OMG" stuff.

1080p30 would not use more than 1080i60 (slightly less actually), and 1080p24 definitely less (although not 80% after 1080i's duplicate field compression (3:2)).

Even 1080p60 that people freak out about would only use slightly more than 1080i60 if there's only 30 (or 24) unique frames per second (like 720p60 now, right...?). Easily compressed duplicate frames.

No, the channels use the format(s) they do for ease of handling mixed content. A movie channel, etc. could use 1080p24 if they weren't going to show ANY video-based content... and it was more widely supported in customer boxes.
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