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Hudson, OH

TW Routing Issues

There seems to be routing issues to certain locations - ATL and DC are two that I've isolated. My kids called me at work complaining about our Internet service - they said certain sites took forever to load. One of them is quite tech savvy and had already rebooted the modem/router and tried hard wired tests to rule out the router as the problem. He told me that speedtest sites in CHicago/NY/Dallas were hitting our modem cap (we have the 30/5 plan) and ATL/DC (usually as good as NY/CHI) were coming down at less than 1 meg.

Overload of any kind seems to be ruled out, because most IPs worked fine - and the speedtest results stood out like sore thumbs. We have TW business service at work, so I tried speedtests from there and got the same results. So I concluded that there is a TW routing problem - at least in NE Ohio.

My tech savvy son called TW, patiently redid all of the things he already had done to go through the level 1 and 2 protocals, did a traceroute (at their request) to a server in an a city that isn't impacted, was sent up to level 3 who made him do an internal speedtest to some TW server 100 miles away. When it worked fine, he was told there was nothing wrong.

Anyone having similar issues?

Anyone else having similar issues?

Charlotte, NC
You arent alone, I have seen this issue here in NC for about a week now. If I speed test in the vicinity I get 1-5 Meg down, full speed up. If I go to Atlanta, or DC area, I get full speed both ways..
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