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San Antonio, TX
reply to silbaco

Re: Nice deployment chart

I don't remember people saying that back in the early 2000's (that's when the dial-up ISPs started dying en-mass).

There were plenty of people dying to ditch their dial-up and switch to DSL, Cable, and even ISDN/T1s back then once the price-point hit the $50 range. The issue was more about cost... not if we needed something faster than dial-up. The need for the speed was already there (faster page loads, downloading music, the birth of streaming, etc).

The point I'm making is the cost benefit from going from 56K to 3,000K (at that time) was much greater than going from 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Again, show me why it's worth an extra $20/mo to get a gig and I'll be happy to sign up.