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Oak Ridge, NJ

[OOL] Outage in Jefferson (07438)

Is anyone else have any problems with internet in the area? For the past hour or two it's been extremely degraded. I had to connect directly to the modem because my router wouldn't pull an IP, and still getting pages to load is very difficult, if at all. Speedtest will fail at upload, sometimes before that. When it does make it through the download test, the speed is usually fine (10+). A pingtest showed one test with 7% packet loss and jitter over 2000ms to a DC server, and then the next one to Brooklyn was 0% with ping/jitter in the 20's.

Anyone else having issues or just me?

PS: Phone and TV both seem to be working fine. At least as far as my wife is watching tv and I get a dial-tone.


Ronkonkoma, NY
How are the signal levels to the modem looking? Packet loss will more likely result in poor QOS on OV than complete loss of dial tone.


Oak Ridge, NJ
Not sure how to check the signal levels. I wound up contacting them on twitter and they said I had packet loss. Called in and the tech confirmed packet loss and poor upload signal, so they set up an outdoor and an indoor tech visit to check everything.


Lake Hopatcong, NJ
reply to compujas
Everything is fine on the Lake Hopatcong side of Jefferson. No issues at all today thus far.

To check on the modem's signal levels and other info..this is the cable modem IP you can plug into any browser: »


Oak Ridge, NJ
reply to compujas
Just as a follow up, it started working properly mid-day Sunday, but figured I'd let them come out and check on it anyway. The guy showed up and wound up replacing the modem since it was 4.5 years since I got it, and who knows how old it was since it was new since they always give refurbs. He replaced it with an ARRIS TM822 which appears to be a docsis 3, so maybe that will help with my random peak slowdowns too? He even threw in the "you know, you can always upgrade to Boost for like $11 or $12 extra and get like 55-60 down and like 8 up", which I have thought about, but I already pay $185/mo. Throwing more of my money at CV is not exactly at the top of my to-do list.

Either way, it seems to be working fine now, so you can all sleep easy tonight not worrying about my internet anymore, lol.