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Do any Clear modems allow buffer sizing?

Buffer Bloat [] is an issue now with my "Clear Modem Series G" (WIXB-175R), and I'd like to know if an alternative modem has the ability to control the size of the buffers (or if there is a secret way to reduce the buffers in my current modem).

I have used the "netalyzr" tool [] to see that my uplink buffer is taking 1900 ms, and my downlink buffer is taking 680 ms. These are too high, so the buffers are too large. It means that if someone in my house is uploading a big file, my small packet gets stuck behind nearly two seconds of buffer.

In my old DSL modem, I had the ability to reduce the buffer and I saw my netalyzr results improve dramatically. But after switching to Clear WiMax, I can not find a way to change the buffer size.

QUESTIONS: Is there a way to alter the buffer sizes in the WIXB-175R (because I can't find it in the modem's settings). Are there other Clear modems that DO offer the ability to alter the buffer sizes? Are there alternative firmwares for the modem that might allow altering the buffer sizes?



Sunnyvale, CA
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I do not know if anything about the modem. I had a similar issue with a modem I could not control,

I put a router in front of the modem, a router that I could control the buffer size. Then I use QOS to limit upload speed to 90% of my test. This should make the modem upload buffer be empty all the time.

I got my buffer latency down from 1400 ms to 400 ms (tested by netalyzr), still not great but better. I suspect that my laptop has a to large buffer.


That's a great idea! Thanks.


Batavia, IL
reply to sengsational
Only the Series G has this option in the older firmware ..

Go into GUI and place mouse over the Modem picture, click and then at the same time hit CTRL+SHIFT+E and if it takes you to another menu in IE perfect, if not your modem has been locked out of the advanced features.

Nino Riff