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Cat god

Riverside, NJ
reply to telcodad

Re: [Bill] $1.99 change of service fee for returning equipment

said by telcodad:

Did you notice if any of your "Additional Outlet" charges were removed with this?

I don't have an "Additional Outlet" fees to begin with which is why I was kind of hanging on to the boxes for awhile. I do have 3 (one unspecified and two "TiVo CableCard") additional outlets listed on my bill for $0.

The main reason I returned them is because Comcast will start charging for DTA's this month and I was hoping returning the HD box would remove the HD Technology fee (no such luck).

Comcast did give me a partial credit of $1.22, but I have no idea what that is for. Maybe it's for the HD box, which they weren't charging me for?

I've given up lately trying to make sense of my bill.

Comcast hasn't sent me a full price schedule for awhile now. The last thing I got was a price change listing and that didn't have anything listed for changing service, only for self installation kits (which are now $15).
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