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Dei Gratia Regina
N of 49th
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reply to Gone

Re: GM recalling pickups and SUVs

said by Gone:

said by Last Parade:

I always use my parking brake. That would prevent this too.

Which in turn takes the strain off the parking pawl, which can fail even at the best of times if it is the only means of securing the vehicle. Everyone should use the parking break, but few ever do.

"Why would I need to use the parking brake; doesn't putting it in "P" lock the brakes to keep the car from moving?" (question from driver's ed class in high school, back in the day. I'm serious.)

Over the years, I've lost count of the number of times I've heard that ugly CLUNK as a car parked on an incline is taken out of "Park". I know transmissions are pretty tough these days, but it's just stupid to put that sort of strain on them.

Technical question, if anyone knows: in the modern single- or dual-clutch automated manual that is becoming increasingly popular, how does the parking pawl work in the gearbox (since it's not a classic automatic but a manual without a foot clutch)?
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Fort Erie, ON

My driveway has a hill, so I always use the parking break. I cringe when I get into my mother's car when she visits and I hear that clunk when I need to move her car.

BMW, VW and a few others use electronic parking brakes. When the car is in P the parking brake is electronically activated and when it's taken out of P the parking brake is disengaged.

Elwood Blues
Somewhere in

My driveway is an incline and I use my parking brake all the time. Part of that is from driving standard for so many years.

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Peterborough, ON

said by elwoodblues:

My driveway is an incline and I use my parking brake all the time.

Try living in the Bay Area and your driveway would seem as flat as the prairies.

Factoid, it's against the law there to not use your e-brake when parking on the street.