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Mountain View, CA
reply to ice

Re: Internet is extremely slow on laptop

Use Ethernet instead of wireless. If the problem disappears when using Ethernet, you've narrowed down the problem to wireless-related issues (most of which are almost infinite in number and are extremely difficult to solve without hours and hours of troubleshooting efforts). 802.11n made the situation even worse, sadly.
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Wind Gap, PA
I meant to try that too, just never got around to it.

According to inssider it's always picking the best channel so I don't think that's it. Reset it again and it's been a bit better again, though still not 100%.

Sleep Less, Game More

Wind Gap, PA
Just died again on the laptop. Tablet still works fine on wireless, that's the annoying part. It's only ever this piece of garbage laptop that can't maintain anything.

Anyway, connected it directly to the router and the internet is fine. To me it still sounds like it's something with this moronic laptop and not the router, if the router was having issues I would think anything connected via wireless would have issues as well. I'm going to see if I can get my old netbook running, if the wireless on that is also fine then I don't think it's the router. I can't check pings on my tablet that I know if, so I'm going to check the netbook.
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