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reply to tschmidt

Re: GravityLight: lighting for developing countries.

said by tschmidt:

said by lugnut :

It seems trivial to me to use a water pump to fill a tank or reservoir to capacity when the wind is blowing and then flow it back down thru a generator once the wind stops and you have to go on reserve power.

This type of storage is often used by utilities.

said by lugnut :

Likewise why not use a tank of compressed air?

This storage method is also used by utilities as are ultra efficient flywheels spinning in a vacuum.

That is all large scale utility power. These guys have come up with a low cost way to deliver small amounts of electricity at low cost.

Nonetheless I am not seeing these technologies applied anywhere to wind power these days. Everywhere I look I am seeing $Billion$ invested into development of better batteries and constant complaints that wind power is not a steady or reliable source of electric power.

The simple application of a gravity battery at every wind turbine station would allow wind to supply the grid with a constant flow or power regardless of any hiccups or glitches in wind speed.

Btw, in case nobody has patented this already, my IP is duly noted and logged and my posts constitute prior art