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Bartlett, IL

[General] So what exactly does it mean?

So, if Clearwire is bought out by Sprint,does this mean I have to change my service? If no, will service be any better?

Raleigh, NC
No and No.

EVENTUALLY, they may retire the WiMax network in favor of LTE, but that's a long road.

Warwick, RI
reply to Brad1895
I stopped by my local mall store the other day. Two workers were at the entrance trying to advertise service. I walked up to one of the sales reps and told her i know sprint may be buying out clear will this remain an ISP. With fear in her eyes she replied "i don't know" but you could see the fear in her eyes. They are also pedaling new plans (new subs). $39.99 best value plan for $40 with 40GB month allowance. There is a $19.99 new plan that allows a measly 2GB a month. Unlimited is available for $59.99 with congestion clauses in TOS and acceptable use in TOS. Existing subs seem grandfathered on your current plan for example i was just billed $49.99 for unlimited. This should remain grandfathered as long as i (you) don't change the plan. Gone seems to be the $34.99 plan with 1.5 (1.8) down 500kb up (unless grandfathered). Hardware is also very thin. There is a couple of pucks and the black clear hub express which the store seemed out of stock of for WI-MAX. If sprint does continue this as an ISP new LTE hardware comparable to the hub express / white modem w/ WI-FI for home use will be needed. New LTE pucks will be needed. Bandwidth on towers will have to be shared with mobile handsets and other mobile devices. There are also 3rd party sellers like NET-ZERO and Freedom Pop using / reselling clear WI-MAX at this time. How this will unfold is a big unknown. All the above considered we should be OK until at least June 2013 when the deal is supposed to go final or whatever. With in a few months (after deal is final) we should know what is happening. In the mean while explore alternatives just in case worse comes to worse and another provider is needed.

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL
Glad existing plans will be grandfathered. I'm in Chicagoland so the new plans aren't being marketed but my $34.99 is perfect. If they drop that plan I'd need to spend the extra $5 for the $40/40GB plan. That would give me some additional speed (which I don't need) for the additional cost (which I don't need).

sam spade

reply to Brad1895
Dish Network is now making a play for Clear.

»www.dailyfinance.com/2013/01/09/ ··· earwire/


Batavia, IL
reply to Brad1895
Those metered plans are not being offered by CLEAR directly, those are from CLEAR MVNO's like freedom pop, net zero, etc.. You will not see rate plan changes till a full LTE rollout is complete or Sprint completely taking over the billing system. which is still very way off.

Thankfully! :0


Batavia, IL
Oooooops stand corrected, after I read this I went hunting for info .. LMAO and in fact I can see that if I change my market in Sales OE I can see those newer plans .. wow ..