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best centurylink compatible modem/router for video streaming

can someone please recommend?

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
Theoretically, the modem should not matter if it is a current model and your line stats are good. The router is more likely to have an impact on function, especially if there are a lot of active users. If you are expecting heavy use, or a lot of active connections, I would recommend bridging the modem and getting a separate router of good quality.

All current models supplied by CL are modem/router combo units. If you need a new modem, I would recommend the ActionTec C1000A. It is a modem/router combo and works with both ADSL and VDSL circuits. You can get it at Best Buy for $99 in CenturyLink packaging, or you can rent it from CL for $5/month.

About to have CenturyLink DSL installed. Looking to buy compatible modem/router. They said that the one they would install/lease would be the Motorola 3347 ADSL2 compatible.
I looked it up online and can't find any new ones, nor can I find any stores selling them. Is this model becoming obsolete? Is there a better one that will work? The Central Office is less than 1/4 mile away.

I'm changing from cable to ADSL2 for cost reduction but is it worth it? What has the best consistent data rates? I'm currently on COMCAST but Century Link just got installed here and has a much better price that they will renew when I call in 5 months.

Looking for a replacement for a Motorola 3347-02 that just died after 4 years of service at grandma's house. Otherwise Qwest/CL service has been reliable requiring very few restarts.