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This is a sub-selection from Uh....


Post Falls, ID
·Time Warner Cable
reply to silbaco

Re: Uh....

nope, paying $39.99 because I have Dish Network TV service. I don't seem to have any cap on my account.
Current Usage
Anytime: Usage Is Unlimited
Off-Peak (2am - 8am): Usage Is Unlimited At This Time

I live in a rural area, Time Warner (Roadrunner) is available , ive had it... However every hour or so it would disconnect, modem would reboot. I however don't play games, watch netflix or download large files, the most I do is watch YouTube and its fast to me.

Im happy with the speed according to the speed test...

Download: 15.35 Mbps
Upload: 2.56 Mbps

Yea... You know the whole anytime unlimited is only for, at most, a month, right? Also, bonus bytes will be active soon, so say bye bye downloading. You are one of the very lucky few that see 15Mbps, I am supposed to be around 10Mbps and rarely see above 2Mbps down... Kinda makes me wanna go back to the 9000 unit sometimes.

reply to scottymead
You didn't read your fine print then. $39.99 + $10 equipment rental.

"All plans require 24-month Agreement and $10/mo. equipment lease fee."

BTW, the Unlimited it going to be gone very soon. Then you will have 5GB Anytime, 5GB Bonus. That's going to suck.


Post Falls, ID
·Time Warner Cable
well according to my bill im being credited the 10 dollar equipment rental. dishNET Bundle -10.00 (Modem/TRIA Lease) Unlimited or not, I dont even use 5GB a month anyways, well not with a 20 month old and a 2 month old. My time spent online is between the hours of 2 and 5 so 5GB is plenty


San Andreas, CA
reply to scottymead
you must be paid big by Dish Network and your statement that you wrote here is a BIG freaking LIE!
This is a sub-selection from Uh....