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This is a sub-selection from What drugs are you on?


Post Falls, ID
reply to BigVe

Re: What drugs are you on?

Dish Network bought out Hughes Net. I pay less then I did with Time Warner and Frontier..


Rosedale, WV

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Pole mount in a Cemented bucket?
One Bump and the entire thing will be out.
Also FCC regs require 5 foot clearance.
Not busting your Chops at all but I have had my share of go arounds with folks over subpar installs. Bad Grounds corners being cut. Drunk installers.
The Pole is one that does happen to.
If Dish is allowing that, and Hughesnet is signing off on it.
The Forums will see a upsurge in folks needing assistance.
Glad you like it, although if it was me, I would exhaust all my sources on the land based lines. Everything from new Modems to rewiring the Grey box for the phone lines. Bad wire (in the home) is usually the trouble, if your neighbors have good service.

The reason folks will think your a "plant' here is the 100% rating.
Which if your not, and you really do not appear to be I would say you are fairly new to Hughes and just had it installed. And have never had to call in yet. Or ran into any issue that gets others all worked up.

$39.00 for the 15 Megs service.....I am paying $74.00 for my service. That is just wrong of Hughesnet on so many levels.

Just remember, we have 2-3 times more allowance than he does, sure he has top speeds, but, well, his allowance will get him in the end.

reply to scottymead
Dish didn't buy HN, it was Echostar that did, two entirely different companies... Other than the name Echostar on the equipment, and CEO, they have nothing else between them. Echostar is more of a provider to dish than anything, dish has no say-so over Hughes nor Echostar, nor does Echostar have any say over Dish in the end, but Echostar does have say over Hughes.
« Really?
This is a sub-selection from What drugs are you on?