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Re: Hospital Stay - How Do You Protect Your Gadgets?

My last long term hospital stay was in the children's immune compromised ward [kid's that have sickle cell, cancers etc]/
So the traffic was pretty well controlled. Meaning you has to buzz in to get in the ward [part of that required you to state your name and patient you were seeing.
The hospital staff didn't seem all that interested in our gadgets.

This was just before the release of the Ipad. I had lugged my desktop PC into my son's room. So I could use the hospital wifi and surf the net, etc. Then I was given an Ipad for my birthday, and I used that [I lugged the desktop back home].
I would leave the Ipad in the dresser buried under some clothes, if we had to go to another part of the hospital for an X ray, MRI, or other medical procedure.
We spent about 5 months in that ward, and never had a problem with theft.

But again, that was on a controlled ward. Your area may not be so tightly screened.
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