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reply to Joe6pack

Re: Extreme 50 Config File Name?

12 hour window to get the issue fixed today. Why am I not surprised it's still wrong?

Edit: After about a half hour on the phone I finally got to someone that knew what they were doing. Took them all of 5 minutes. Now why, Comcast, did it take nearly a week to do 5 minutes worth of work?

find em hot, leave em wet
Monroe, LA

dont feel bad.....i started on performance and had the 10$ blast speed boost. come to find out for almost a year i didnt have the blast i was paying for. i decided to get the 50/10 and spent 2 hours on the phone with a rep that couldnt get the config file to stick to the widebandblast file... after 2 hours she said ill call you back...well come monday and no call back i called back and it took another rep i kid you not 5 min to make it work.... makes you wonder why some reps cant get anything done and some can with no issue what so ever


Pleasanton, CA
reply to wTheOnew

because their support team is mostly full of derps
comcast steve could have probably fixed it for you

when i got the wrong config assigned to my modem, comcast steve fixed it in like 30 seconds.