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Re: France's ISP deploys ad blocking via firmware update

said by Kearnstd:

This is bad, Very bad. Because it removes the control from the customer and places it with the ISP. Also when ISPs start blocking it takes things down a potentially dark path. ...

+1. I block ads routinely using several different tools... but it's because I choose to, not because somebody else decides for me what to block. I believe in freely-available information on the Internet connections at user sites, ads included. I don't want either a Great Wall of China or a Great Wall of ISP interfering in any way with user access, even on a default basis that might be opted out of. If the ISP wants to offer ad blocking as an option for the user to choose, that's their choice as a business... but the potential for abuse or bribed bias will nevertheless exist. As you noted, the precedent of an ISP blocking information selectively is a dangerous path to embark upon...
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