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Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
reply to Speedy Petey

Re: My addition will take almost 2 miles of Cat 6

said by Speedy Petey:

said by pandora:

You are amazingly close. There are 4 outlets in each bedroom, each outlet has 7 Cat 6 and 3 Coax run to it. The average run is about 50-70' (more toward the center of the house).

Each room will have 28 Cat 6 and 12 RG 6 coax in 4 locations.


WHAT IN THE WORLD is your justification for this???

HTPC, internet-connected TV, video game console, some type of net enabled STB/ruku/etc, networked AV receiver. For satellite two runs for satellite and a 3rd for OTA. And all those things are needed more or less at the same spot with a typical setup.

Yes a switch can enable all the networking on one outlet. And I believe that all the satellite TV can be run on a single coax now (but I may be wrong). So I could see a possible use for 6+3 outlets. Now I think that many on every wall is excessive. Especially in a bedroom. Maybe on opposite walls would be a little easier to swallow. But it's not my money...

If I was building a house, a drop on each wall would be nice of 2 coax and two network. Or at a minimum, a smurftube where a run could be ran down the road after the walls sealed up. For a living room or very large room that is likely to be rearranged, or for one that has multiple doorways, a fireplace, or other design where cables can not easily be routed just along the floorboards, then multiple larger drops would be nice.