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Track jetpack usage

I know I can email Mill for usage but would like a handier way to track usage. Tried just going to and cannot find right configuration. Need Mac OSX (10.6) and the 4610. Am I just missing something there? Is it at another location? My Verizon wants a phone number which I don't have.

There have been some very bad usage complaints and I'd sure like to avoid and/or avert problems. Need tracking and alerts.

As always, thanks for the help!!!

·Time Warner Cable
Connect to the jetpack web server.
Click Advanced>Diagnostics.
Your phone number is on the line labeled Phone Number (MDN).

FWIW it's worth Millenicom says:
Please do not attempt to utilize any usage information other than the two methods listed above.
Those being e-mail to usage or opening a usage ticket.


Los Angeles, CA
The Hotspot Plan, as well as the Advanced and Standard Plans that are ongoing, get updated in the Usage Field of the Members Center at the start of every week. You can also email and request that information anytime.


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Member's Center! Thanks!!


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Signed in to Member's Center but don't see a Usage Center. Is that just at the beginning of the week and then it goes away?

Is the jetpack server the 192.168 etc or is this located somewhere else?

Thanks again.


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@ student ... if you meant the Member's Center for Millenicom, then maybe you can point that out to me. I contacted Mill and there is no weekly update (accdg to them) and the only way to get data usage is by support ticket or to email them.


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This has been discussed in other threads on this form, FWIW buy a Cradlepoint MBR95. Set the router up WiFi as WAN, set up your data usage to reset each month and check it with Millenicom from time to time. I've been using this method for several months and so far the Cradlepoint has been spot on.
MiFi 4620L, Cradlepoint MBR95 router


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Video (love your tagline) ... I did research in the forum but, for some reason, could not find just what I was looking for. Probably me but search function seems lacking.

At any rate, I did manage to line up with my Verizon and matched the data calculator to what I got from Millenicom. Emailing and waiting for a response is really ... lame. LOL I just need a decent baseline and way to monitor periodically since we are new to jetpack and appears we get intermittent 4g. Setting up directional antenna later this week and that will only make it even more important to track usage.

I realize that a router would track usage; however, it seems redundant to have a router just for that purpose since the jetpack acts as its own "router". For that reason, I've already returned my cpoint that was used in the last round of this dealio when we had a stick.



Mars Hill, NC
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You can track the data usage on 'my verizon' --although technically it's not supported. I'd imagine that's how MC tracks the data usage as well. Basically just get the phone number of your device and go to the Verizon website and register it. VZW will send you a text message to the mifi --which the mifi will display on the little LCD with a verification code you have to put in to confirm your registration. This worked well for me.