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Rider on the Storm
not Sweden
reply to BuckarooB

Re: [iPhone] Next iPhone revision?

said by BuckarooB:

if you have other iOS devices or a Mac... its a no brainer...they all play together nicely...

That's the beauty of iOS actually... and that is it well written for the hardware it's used on.

I'm currently on Win7, but I used to be a Mac guy. I got fed up when Apple dumped MobileMe for iCloud and my Mac was 4-5 years old and one generation out of date to use iCloud (which has services I used to pay a yearly fee for). I really liked my Mac... but I cant justify dropping that kind of money that soon over and over to keep using services I depend on.

In any case... I'd probably use Google as my sync point given that I migrated to Google's services. How does the iPhone work with Google syncing?