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Cape Cod
reply to pandora

Re: My addition will take almost 2 miles of Cat 6

said by pandora:

Each of my kids has 1 Xbox 360, 1 PS3 (bc with PS2), 1 wii, 1 PC, and 1 smart TV, 1 wired VOIP device, 1 network connected DVR, in addition to 1 laptop (often used wirelessly), 1 tablet (also wireless). Some kids have a small network printer / scanner.

I can't be certain where the kids will want their stuff to plug in. Only active ethernet cables need to be connected to a switch. It is possible the majority of cables will be unused for long periods of time.

I'm very tired of messy 8 port unmanaged switches sitting on the floor in a room. They not only are an eyesore, but they take a power slot.

Wait so each kid has that right? Ok I get it know, with that much cable you must be the Duggars
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Leander, TX
I find it interesting that people don't understand the reason for multiple connections in a room (not that the OP hasn't gone to an extreme). I have rent houses which have two or three Cat5 in some bedrooms. Not all rooms have only one way to arrange the furniture. Much easier to put in a few extra so you can put the bed where ever you want instead of "well, the bed has to be here because the TV can only be over there". The time to do it is when the walls are open. The price of copper is the cheap part of the process.

Evans City, PA

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Two or three is fine.. 28 is a different story