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South Amboy, NJ
reply to gborrillo

Re: Our PG&E Bill averages $600-$800 per month, sometimes more..

What type of water heater? Are you all electric or gas?


Campbell, CA
gas water heater. the second fridge has been unplugged the last month and our bill didnt change a dime. well, maybe a dime. as for the tank, i do have metal halides and understand that they do use up quite a bit, not to mention the water pump, heaters etc. as luck would have it, my tank actually went down (my 2 year old daughter decided to feed a gallon of sugar to my fish) so that has been unplugged completely for the past 2 months. there was a bit of a dip in our bill (100 or so). i didnt expect it to account for much more than that.

one thing i do recall....pge recently installed these smart meters in our home...say about 6 months ago. before that, we had the old style meters with the rotating dial. one thing i recall, when going through this, was when we turned our dryer on, the dial literally almost went berserk , where it was spinning ridiculously fast. i havent checked it recently with the new meter. its almost as if my wife and i have grown accustomed to having a 1000 pge bill, so we have pretty much given up. based on all the comments, it may be worth revisiting once again. i think i will try the turn everything off and then turn it on one by one to see if anything shoots outta control.