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Red Deer County, AB
reply to brmcghee

Re: [BC] Shaw Upload Speed

I was at the very limit for Optik and didn't sync much higher than the profile needed. Infact the tool wouldn't qualify me, but I have help to make that happen. The higher you sync, the better off you are of not seeing it take speed off your line. Regardless, we have 7 TV's now in the house, 4 of which are HD boxes. Rest are just digital. I would hate to see that on the Optik side. The more STB's you add, the more the speeds on your line get eaten up. With my Shaw biz, doesn't matter how many boxes I got, or how many are recording. You can get into saturation on cable side, but line issues and loop distances are just as much of a factor as your cable saturation can be. In central AB, there was saturation about 4-5 years ago for a few months, not a single issue since.

Cable VS telco = same $!#$, different pile. It's personal preference, really. I've tired both, and both are comparable service. Biggest limiting factor for me being the Actiontec, single point of failure. You may have had no issues with yours yet, however when you do, you will understand my pain. Also, I do view the Telus forum and it seems Telus keeps pushing new firmware for the Actiontec and limiting functions more and more. I use my own firewalls, AP's, virtual hosts, etc. I need the capability to do some weird things that only my pfsense firewall can do, compared to the Actiontec.