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I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
reply to malianx

Re: 24/7 Slow Speeds

Malianx. I ran into a similar problem back then it was Alltel before Windstream bought them or how ever that worked. In 97 I moved here and had a sold 43.7K (think that's right long time since modems). They put in a new switch because they were running out of lines. Why? People had 2 numbers for modems, dah. So my modem speeds when to 24K after about 1999, when they bonded a pair for a T1 to handle my neighborhoods traffic. Then in 2002 or 03, they laid fiber to the switch. I though, great! internet! nope. it wasn't until I did a petition and in late 06 they installed a DSLAM in the cabinet.
I held out running an internet biz on modem but it became brutal. I opted for Hugesnet at the time because the local guy confirmed around 2003 or 04 that wasn't even on the radar. So then Hughes had a 18 month contract I think or 12. I knew it would be that long until DSL and turned out over 2 years. It kept me in business and the business paid the Hughes bill.
So this is biz as usual for rural telephone. It just sucks then them now over selling on top of it. The era of the rich CEO will one day come to an end (only an analogy for the big problem), but until then companies like Windstream will continue to screw the customers.
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Clarendon, TX
Still no usable internet, the techs here are just ignoring me now, and the phone support tell me 'everything is fine' and I shouldn't be having these problems.

The local engineer tells me end of 2014 for a fix still.

Middle of the day:


Clarendon, TX
Well all the kids and the college are back in school, but I still did not reach even 1mbit all day. Not even when I tried at 4am.

At this point I'm seriously doubting wind stream has any qualified engineers on staff, I'm betting they hired some people to hook up the network, and now just hope it works.

Either that or they are all deaf, mute, and stupid.

How many years do we have to wait to even get an answer?


Clarendon, TX
Still no fix. Still no usable connection 24/7. I've given up hope of having it now, and any of you that live in a rural area with no competition should give up hope as well.


Dawsonville, GA

How did you get a hold of a local engineer? I'd love to contact the engineers in my area...I would call them everyday and ask when they plan on coming up with a course of action about my slow speeds. WS is so pathetic.


Clarendon, TX
Very Very small town. He lives three doors down from me.