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Pembroke, ON
reply to Stuntkok

Re: Moving to North Glengarry, Alexandria Ontario

I survive on both Xplornet 4G Sat, and Bell Turbo Hub...... No DSL in my area, nor cable. I have formerly had DSL and Cable when I lived in more built up areas.

1) Always go wired over wireless whenever you can. If the wired is slow, go MLPPP or one of the other connections that bonds & doubles up your connection. Wired connections give you higher bandwidth limits, and generally better speed.

2) Turbo/Rocket Hubs when you get reception do give good reliable connection that is generally fast, with low latency. The issue is bandwidth overages. Go over 15 gigs and be prepared to pay.

3) If you find yourself in $500 and above territory with bandwidth usage overages, two services, etc... consider fibre providers and call Bell's business department.

4) Sat 4G Xplornet isn't bad, but does drop connection and is sometimes slow. It can work good for iTunes downloads, and does provide a higher bandwidth overage.

5) Although I haven't used it yet, wireless will likely be more reliable than Satellite.

Rural broadband is the new cash cow for providers, and so far competition hasn't made things better.

Since you use about 100 gigs monthly, I would suggest Satellite or Wireless, with the latter being my first choice....

Good luck!




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Thanks Ryan, Xplorenet is currently offering a 10 MB connection
4G connection with a 100 GB cap. Throw another $5 a month and you can get an additional 30 GB cap.

I'm considering picking a one year contract. I also need to figure out if there is any advantage in getting a static IP address. We'll be using our precious bandwidth for:
Skyping (frequently used as my parents live overseas)
Gaming (with Xbox live)
UnblockUS (service to access geographical blocked US content)

It's just the throttling that gets my goat...
I have no other viable options until the fibre gets put down in fall.


Pembroke, ON
A static address can't hurt, but you want to have the need for it and be doing some stuff to take advantage of it..... I wouldn't pay anymore than $10.00 a month for a static address, and probably more in line for $5.00.

You are talking about wireless options. I really wish the providers would just plain think up a name rather than saying "4G" as an expression of speed and "quality" rather than service. We have 4G cell, 4G wireless, and now 4G Satellite!

I will be interested in your results, as I might be moving out your way too this summer..... I am looking around Embrun, Limoges, & Fournier but the father out of you go from Ottawa in any direction, the more bang for your rural dollar house/property-wise..... Most of the places I am interested in do not have DSL connection, although I am pleased that it is becoming more common.

Can you provide any details on the Fibre and/or DSL upgrades that are coming to your specific area? Is it FTN or FTH? Some sort of access is a requirement for my wife's work, and she needs reliability and speed and low latency for VPN connections.




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Hi Ryan,

Take a gander at the URL below, to see the infrastructure deployment for my county of North Glengarry in Alexandria.
»www.eorn.ca/assets/Uploads/SDG-r ··· INAL.pdf

To find out what the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) is delivering for your area, access
the URL below, and click on _Search Now_.

You will find the Timeline URL very pertinent as well, because of the regional breakdown and deployment schedule.

As to whether or not it's fibre to the home or to the node, umm... it's outside my ken. I suspect that it is FTTN, because I guess that it's cheaper to deploy than FTTC. I believe that FTTH is also out of the picture because it allows for ludicrously high speeds that is not mentioned in any of the few EORN documentation that I've read.

I hope this helps.


Merrickville, ON
reply to Stuntkok
said by Stuntkok:

I'm considering picking a one year contract. I also need to figure out if there is any advantage in getting a static IP address.

You need a static IP if you want to open up *any* incoming connections at all. Xplornet is NATted, meaning all incoming ports are blocked unless you go static.
*And*, unless they've fixed the problem in the past few months, you need to be crystal clear about the need for static before the installation begins, because the current hardware they're installing isn't (or at least, wasn't) capable of supporting a static IP. I had to have my hardware swapped out.
I haven't checked recently, but when I got mine done you could only get a 1-year contract if you paid much more up-front for the hardware. But they'll explain all that in the quote.

Xplornet WiMAX -} Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH running DD-WRT -} about 13 machines running everything you can think of.


i just wanted to thank you all for sharing your input to help me make an informed decision.

Xplorenet's 4G 10 MB connection to a fixed tower option is my only viable option. I'll cross my fingers and hope that I can continue using my UnblockUS service for my US content.

You guys are the best!