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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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Re: An iPhone Lover's Confession: I Switched To The Nexus 4

I have an iPod Touch I never would have bought if Android had been as mature at the time, and there were non phone devices as there have been for several years now.

Actually my first Android device was a 2.2 era bargain price (cheaper than the Touch) phone and just never got service for and used it as a WiFi device only.

Pretty much only use the Touch now for piddling stuff like Words WF and email while doing more serious stuff on my ASUS Transformer not even possible on an iDevice.

The iPad is nothing but a gigantic iPod touch still just as restricted and INTENTIONALLY LIMITED by Apple design... the hardware is certainly capable of much more IF Apple would allow it.

Android already is #1 but spread across many manufactures, so in reality Apple can only make the single manufacturer claim of biggest. Really the only thing Apple are number 1 in is blindly dedicated rabid sheep.