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Key West, FL

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reply to OZO

Re: An iPhone Lover's Confession: I Switched To The Nexus 4

said by OZO:

I have been using Android phone for past several years and can say - it certainly is far away from a "solid".

Some guys are switching from iPhone to Android, some switch back... It happens all the time.So, what's the news here?

Well that is the Apple fans ONLY claim the rock rock solid thing... well no wonder since iOS so crippled and restricted.

Hey and all you really want is a phone with diversions well fine I guess. But you want a little real mini computer too...not Apple, Android is it.

Part of the price of diversity is incompatibilities. And there are just plain rushed badly conceived Android devices out there... but that is NOT the platforms FAULT... the manufacture who cut corners.

So yes you can't just go buy ANY Android device you need to do a little homework first.... you just want to be easy lazy blind... then yeah buy an iDevice you can do very little with but line Apple's pocket's, and yeah for the little it can do is solid.

That said I have had plenty of opperation issues with my iPod Touch's (3&4 both used/refurb). So the claims are over blown they maybe more consistent, but just like Mac's NOT the supposed bullet Apple sheep make them out to be.

An in my experience migrating from Android to Androin device and have it be just what it was is MUCH easier...
Having done it 3 times with Apple it was after hous of work sort of the same....and still thing in ITunes that don't like the new devices...again mostly due to their ridiculous restiction

No such problem with Android.... went from 1 gen Transformer to second in under an hour.... first just move the two SD cards (again not even an option of ext expansion on iDevices) and then having backed up Apps AND their data... just reinstall to new device, no iTunes middle man to mess with.