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[Cable] Lost cable service during mini power outage (up now thou


Hoping a cable expert can chime in. I experienced a mini power outage (about 10 minutes at most) at around 9:25pm Saturday; a whole bunch of streets in the area were out as well. My three UPS devices automatically kicked in for the modem, routers, laptops, monitors etc...

What surprised me was that cable service went out as well (modem reported Sync timing errors, MDD, T3 timeouts etc). I thought Rogers had backup power for their equipment and network? Internet service did come back online though when the lights were back on.

To be fair, I didn't check whether the internet came back within the first few minutes of the outage (maybe it took 1-2mins for Rogers' backup power systems to kick in?) or whether it came back only when utility power was restored (which would be quite disappointing consider their reliability claims and that they have Home Phone customers relying on their equipment)

Thoughts and experiences?