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London, ON
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Re: How Minimum Can I Get?

I haven't had cable in just over a year. Recently, the other half has been whining (we've been together 6 months) that he wants cable. I said no. Lol. I pay Rogers $62/month for Internet. Anything you want to watch (almost anything) can easily be downloaded using either torrents or newsgroups. Failing that, there are numerous television networks who provide full episodes on their website.

He almost sucked me in with his whining, but then I did the math. He got a very rude awakening when I showed him.

I'll use the VIP cable package as it's the most popular package and resembles most of what I can download.

Rogers charges $71+ for the VIP package. That's roughly $855/year. Add my Internet at $62/month and we're looking at around $1600/year. That's absolutely retarded.

So let's see what I'm paying right now....

Rogers Internet: $744/year
Netflix: $95/year
Hulu Plus: $95/year
Cost of US DNS/IP/VPN services: $50/year

Anything not available on those 2 services can be downloaded using torrents or newsgroups or watched on that particular network's website. Total cost per year? $984/year.

I'll keep my $616/year and do a bit of the leg work myself, thanks. Screw Rogers and their insanely over-priced cable. I could save a hell of a lot more per year moving to TechSavvy as well. Most likely add another couple hundred to my yearly savings. However, I do find Rogers rock solid and wouldn't ever risk that stability since I do use my Internet as my main from of entertainment.

Also side note, I did away with their ridiculous "Home Phone" and saved hundreds of dollars per year there as well. I spent $50 on this: »www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps1 ··· dex.html and another $50 on this: »www.freephoneline.ca/ and have free home phone with free call display and voicemail. Pffffff Rogers.


Ottawa, ON


How do you get Hulu Plus, don't you need US information?

Kanata, ON
said by Pesterd :

How do you get Hulu Plus, don't you need US information?

Use a service such as Unblock US or Unotelly.

I go into a bit of detail in this post about Unblock US. The extra hurdle with Hulu Plus is to be able to pay them - they only accept US addresses, so you either need to get a prepaid US credit card or gift card from somebody like this or use a ZIP code trick to get your Canadian card to work.