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reply to pvols1979

Re: [HSI] Ultra100 Getting 12mbit - Constant problem...

said by pvols1979:

I am experiencing the same issue. I talked to 5 Charter techs through chat and phone over the last week. Started earlier this week for me. I am getting much lower speeds on average. I am seeing 2-4MB down and still getting the usual 4-5MB up which is acceptable. I am on the 100/5 plan. Two of the techs told me that they are supposed to provide at least 70% of the top end of your tier. So, I should be seeing 70MB at least. They even sounded surprised. I have tried multiple computers directly connected to the modem. Signals are great and confirmed with support.

The last time I had an issue like this, the technicians came out and got the same results at the tap. This is definitely a Charter issue. I have a technician coming out tomorrow.

I always heard it was 80% and even at that, if I wasn't getting better than that, somebody would be hearing about it!!
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