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Some truth included in this post.
Hurley, MS
reply to Hardcore

Re: [RANT] Home Networking Shut Off - ANGRY

I had the same issue awhile back. I was given a modem/wireless router combo from mediacom, and knew that they charged a fee for wireless networking, so I asked that the wireless not be charged to my account and I wouldn't use it (had my own WAP).

Mediacomchad then walked me through how to get around the "Home Networking" interface at by going to and I was able to use the 4 port switch and set up my network to my liking, which I thought was perfectly acceptable (nowhere did it say I couldn't use networking, just WIRELESS networking).

And then a couple of months later, I could no longer use the 4 port switch at all. Only one PC could get an IP at a time, and it was the public IP. So I had to go out and purchase a new router with a 4 port switch in it, even though I have a cable modem sitting there with 3 empty ports. Mediacomchad then told me I was never supposed to be able to use the networking part of the router, even though it was he who walked me through how to use it.

It's just stupid to annoy your customers like that. Figure out a way to disable wireless without disabling NAT altogether.