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Rockwood, MI
·WOW Internet and..
·AT&T Midwest

[Speed Problem] Very Slow Download on Origin Game

Hi All

Just did a clean install on Windows 8 Pro 64bit PC, Redownloading Battlefield 3 Limited/Premium Edition in Origin, and currently Download Speed doesn't go above 160kbs a second. Been Running for about 21 hours now, and about 15 more hours to go.

Is there any way to speed this up? Is my Elite DSL getting the proper speed?

Netgear 7550N Gateway
(Wired ConnectioN)

Internet Connection UP
User ID _______________
Downstream Rate 6016 Kbps
Upstream Rate 768 Kbps
Internet IPv4 Address
Internet Gateway IP Address
Internet IPv6 Prefix 2602:304:4f80:2a49::
DNS Servers
Mode PPP on the device (Private IP for LAN device)
Timeout Never

Line State Up
Modulation ADSL_G.dmt
Data Path FAST

To Gateway To Internet
Max Allowed Speed (kbps) 6016 768
SN Margin (dB) 17.9 18.0
Line Attenuation (dB) 12.5 7.0
Loss of Signal 0 1
Loss of Frame 0 0
CRC Errors 2 0

ATM Information

VPI / VCI 0 / 35
Protocol PPPoE

In Octets 1860366314
In Errors 0
In Unicast Packets 4068036
In Non Unicast Packets -
In Discard Packets 0

Out Octets 264113924
Out Errors 0
Out Unicast Packets 3149556
Out Non Unicast Packets -
Out Discard Packets 0

PPPoE Information

Session Status UP
Server MAC Address 00:30:88:23:4D:7B
Session ID 6785

IP Information

Internet IPv4 Address
Internet Gateway IP Address
Internet IPv6 Prefix 2602:304:4f80:2a49::
Primary DNS Address
Primary DNS Name -
Secondary DNS Address -
Secondary DNS Name -

IP Interfaces

IP Address Netmask Name eth0
2602:304:4f80:2a49:: - br0
2602:304:4f80:2a41::1 - br0
2602:304:4f80:2a40::1 - sit1
fe80::7644:1ff:fe0e:3b88 - ath0
fe80::7644:1ff:fe0e:3b88 - br0
fe80::7644:1ff:fe0e:3b88 - eth0
:: - sit1

Network Routing Table
Destination Netmask Gateway Interface br0 br2
:: - :: sit1
2602:304:4f80:2a41:: - :: br0
2602:304:4f80:2a49:b9f8:c984:c69d:d993 - 2602:304:4f80:2a49:b9f8:c984:c69d:d993 br0
2602:304:4f80:2a49:: - :: br0
2602:304:4f80:2a49:: - :: br0
2602:304:4f80:2a40:: - :: sit1
2000:: - :: sit1
fe80:: - :: eth0
fe80:: - :: br0
fe80:: - :: ath0
fe80:: - :: sit1
ff02::1:ff0e:3b88 - ff02::1:ff0e:3b88 br0
ff00:: - :: eth0
ff00:: - :: br0
ff00:: - :: ath0
ff00:: - :: sit1
:: - :: sit1

Host Routing Table
Destination Netmask Gateway Interface br0 ppp0 br0

LAN Information

Gateway IPv4 Address
Gateway NetMask
Gateway IPv6 Address 2602:304:4f80:2a49::
Link-Local IPv6 Address fe80::7644:1ff:fe0e:3b88

Devices on LAN

IP Address MAC Address Name Status E8:40:F2:73:6A:E0 Basement1W8 Active 80:C6:AB:24:C6:64 * Active D0:E5:4D:3D:62:07 * Active 00:26:F2:B0:25:AC Moms Active A0:55:DE:7A:CA:6F * Active
fe80::4de5:1d4b:23b6:edc0 E8:40:F2:73:6A:E0 Basement1W8 Active
2602:304:4f80:2a49:b9f8:c984:c69d:d993 E8:40:F2:73:6A:E0 Basement1W8 Active
fe80::d4c7:4a07:b839:94e8 00:26:F2:B0:25:AC Moms Active


Ethernet Port 1 Ethernet Port 2 Ethernet Port 3 Ethernet Port 4
MAC Address 74:44:01:0E:3B:88 74:44:01:0E:3B:88 74:44:01:0E:3B:88 74:44:01:0E:3B:88

In Octets 22652366 5346312 0 0
In Errors 0 0 0 0
In Unicast Packets 22506074 5188784 0 0
In Non Unicast Packets - - - -
In Discard Packets 0 0 0 0

Out Octets 42799549 10533971 0 0
Out Errors 0 0 0 0
Out Unicast Packets 42589727 10279950 0 0
Out Non Unicast Packets - - - -
Out Discard Packets 0 0 0 0

Wireless LAN Information

SSID Broadcast Enabled
SSID MAC Address 74:44:01:0E:3B:88
802.11 Mode 11g
Authentication WPA2
Encryption AES
Key Information U8a909Nm1ca
Radio Status Enabled
Wireless Clients Connected 1
Current Channel 11
Channel Selection Fixed
In Packets 4270669
In Error Packets 0
In Packets dropped 0
Out Packets 7764034
Out Error Packets 0
Out Packets dropped 69990

Devices on Wireless LAN

IP Address MAC Address Name SSID
1 device connected--Mom's Active


Chicago, IL
No answer for you, but a datapoint: I myself downloaded BF3 from Origin within the past week. ATT IPDSLAM 12/1 service. Moto 2210-02-1ATT modem. Windows 7 Home 64-bit. BF3 file was about 18 GB. Download proceeded at my services max capable real-world speed -- averaging over 11600 Kbps (I sync at 11996 Kbps) and took a little less than 3:45 hours.

Rockwood, MI
A Good 20 Hours, did speed up after I reset the Gateway Device though, Paused it around 20 percent, and reset the gateway, and all the PC's on the network, and then it sped up to about 600kbps or around that for a while


Columbus, OH
reply to brg
It seems U-verse has inherited some of the old Cable modem fits, that a power cycle seems to clear out.