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Streamwood, IL

Trying to understand U-verse TV offerings.

It's not easy. For example, it took me a long time to figure out there is a $10 per month extra charge for high-def except for their top tier U450 package. So those that don't pay that are only provided with NTSC OR 480i I guess.

1. What is the DVR monthly charge for plans that don't specifically say they include DVR?

2. I see there is an extra monthly charge of almost $2 for local channels that is not included in the posted numbers. Are there other such fees?

3. Is there a place that lays out the offerings and charges simply including the charges that kick in after the teaser rates? I think I have some handle on this looking at the »www.att.com/shop/bundles.html etc pages, but I suspect I am missing things. As confusing as it is, it is not as opaque as Comcast pricing.

4. What is the monthly charge for a second or third TV? If using 2 or more TVs, is there a converter box at each TV, or does one box supply coax to more than one TV? If it is coax, how is the channel changing done?


Union City, GA
Every Uverse TV package comes with DVR service. And yes you need a STB for every TV in your home, so you will get a STB and a remote for each TV.

go blue

Westland, MI
reply to StillLearn
One hddvr will be wired (coax or ethernet) and the others can be wired or wireless and expect to pay at least $120 for one wired and one wireless receiver guarenteed or 2 years

verchad verc

reply to StillLearn
I just signed up for uverse phone, internet, and tv, install set for next monday. When I signed up for the long term savings (2 years locked in), it showed that a second receiver (wired was free), a third tv would have been an additional fee.