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Re: [iPhone] Next iPhone revision?

I've used both starting iPhone and Android with Gingerbread all the way through to Jelly Bean. I just recently switched back to an iPhone from a Galaxy Nexus and it was really a toss up between the iPhone 5 and the S3. I honestly can't say one is better than the other, it just all comes down to personal preference. If you are going with Android you need to get a top end device. If you end up with one of the cheapo $50 Android specials you will just hate it. I think with Verizon that is probably going to be the S3 but there might be an HTC device out there too like the DNA that might be worth looking into.

I'm married to Google for everything and found that while the integration is alright, it's way better on an Android device. As far as waiting, you are damned if you do damned if you don't regardless of an Android or iPhone. Once you buy there will always be something better on it's way. Android is probably worse since there are so many players shooting for that top device that you see a lot of high end phones come out. It doesn't help when Google announces a new Nexus device either.
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My wife uses a Mac, and will most likely be going the route of the iPhone 5 when upgrade time arrives in March. In reality, I would probably be better off following her lead as I could use Facetime, iMessage, etc., across both with minimal hassle. If I got the S3, and she got the iPhone 5, it would work obviously, but be a much less elegant solution than just getting 2 iPhones and being done with it.